Apply For US DV Lottery 2020 Green Card

Several lives have been changed positively as a result of owning a GREEN CARD. Are you thinking of migrating to the US to reside in, work or to study? Are you traveling on Visa? If that is the case then you will be missing out on lots of opportunities if you have not applied for your Green Card. A Green Card is a status as a lawful permanent residence. That is, it gives you the right to permanently live in the US while enjoying many benefits that a US citizen would.


    • For someone who desires to work in the US. You can try as many jobs as possible until you find the one that you are comfortable with. That is, you have unlimited job opportunities. Traveling on a Visa only gives you limited opportunities as some jobs may require a Green Card status. You are also limited to working at some hours. Therefore, with a Green Card, you are not tied to the job; you can change your job as you wish without the fear of being deported. You can work wherever you want.
    • Visas have a time limit. It requires renewal every 2-3 years and there are chances that your visa may get delayed rejected or you get deported despite having a job or a family there. With a Green Card which you can only renew after ten years, you do not need much paperwork and you do not need to worry about being delayed, rejected or deported.


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